This is a space where I can house my creative outlets, share my professional work and cathartically journal as I navigate the twists and turns of a 30-something’s life.

I live in Charleston, South Carolina with my husband, Joe (U.S. Congressman for SC-01), our 7-year old pup, Ted, and our 2-year old son, Boone. 

A crewmember of a 60-meter vessel turned yoga instructor, I spent most of my 20’s wandering the globe. I’ve touched soil in 30+ countries via 6 continents, crossed the Atlantic and Pacific oceans by boat and continue to chase wanderlust every chance I get. 

When I migrated back to land after 7 years of living on a ship, I was determined to keep adventure in my life. I ditched the idea of 9-5 to pursue a lifestyle that made me happy, opened a few yoga studios and began designing websites for small biz.

With nearly a 1000-hours of yoga training, my teachings are greatly influenced by what I’ve experienced thus far and my thirst for all styles of movement. My personal transformations and those of my students solidified my love affair with this practice. It brings to life the benefits of yoga and my passion to share it is always evolving.

My yoga off the mat is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of women and children from gender abuse and trafficking. I am the Development Director at Her Future Coalition, our mission is to provide shelter, education and employment to survivors trafficking, so they can become and remain free forever. I'm also an ambassador for OxFam America, a brilliant organization working to end poverty around the world. 

When I’m not nestled behind my laptop or on the mat, I’m happily snuggled up with my family or daydreaming our next adventure. I’d love to hear from you and welcome your insight, inquires or friendly hello! Connect at